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Project MP

Charrell in every corner

Charrell is represented in every space of this modern home, and what presence it is! Our Charrell’s Angels are happy to show you around. The living room boasts a gorgeous dresser from our Moxy collection. Charrell’s Angels opted for dark wood finished with contrasting gold-coloured legs and handles for a luxurious touch.

The dark wood theme is reflected in various spaces and pieces of furniture. Take the spectacular bespoke cabinet in the dining room that covers the entire wall, for instance. With its subtle grooves for handles. Ensuring the continuity of the cabinet. The dining room was supplemented with the stunning ceramic Madrid dining table. Light grey accents in the tabletop make for a perfect match with the concrete floor throughout the home. Our Charrell’s Angels went with Verbier chairs. Attentive observers will notice two different fabrics. A playful detail. A table here, a console there.

Empty spaces never go to waste when Charrell’s Angels are involved. They fill them up creatively with cute tables, large and small. The Ferrum console welcomes guests in the corridor, for instance. A pleasant detail with a lot of character. And at the bottom of the stairs, the Vince stand adds a finishing touch. In the living room, the sofa is accompanied by charming coffee tables. In the bathroom upstairs, the Donau rack will dry any towel. Donau clearly has a less-is-more motto. 

These residents welcome Charrell with open arms!