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Project TGZ

Meet Mister Perfect

Sleek yet warm. Open yet cosy. Playful yet stylish... In this new interior project, our Charrell's Angels sought and found the perfect balance. They completely revamped the original interior to create this picture-perfect setting.

In the living room, our Noury lamp steals the show. Combined with a gorgeous Ferrum table and cognac-coloured leather chairs, it makes for a cosy dining room. A black cabinet ties the living room together. The cabinet and table feature the same legs, showcasing our Angels’ attention to detail.

The black colour of the cabinet in the living room is reflected in the console behind the sofa and the round coffee table in the TV corner. Charrell’s Angels completely revamped the previous composition of this room. A long, straight sofa optimally emphasises, respects and utilises the space, accompanied by turning seats. Turn as you please for a view of the garden or the cosy TV corner. A TV corner would not be a TV corner without a TV cabinet. Thanks to some flawless customisation, the Verso cabinet fits like a glove.

Lively plants, the right lamps and colourful yet calm accents turn this project into a balanced interior for the entire family.