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Project TZ

So warm, so soft, so tender

In this new interior project, cosiness is overrepresented. Soft materials, wooden furniture and just the right contrasts turn this living room into a blissful oasis of tranquility!

And of course, an oasis of tranquility demands light, neutral colours. Such colours dominate the seating area where the Houston sofa is accompanied by two separate Ios seats. The fabric is slightly grainy for a lively effect, just like the cushions with their cute little patterns. The seats subtly separate the seating area from the rest of the living room.

The seating area seamlessly spills into the spacious, open living room. Our Angels purposefully chose the round Nestor dining table. Round tables promote eye contact, which facilitates trusting and intimate conversation with your table companions. And in order to add the necessary sense of comfort to these conversations, our Angels went with Enrica chairs, cosy bucket seats upholstered in soft grey fabric. The large, white wall was populated with a bespoke suspended dresser executed in dark wood. A perfect counterbalance to the light dining table.