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Project WW

Yet another project with a magnificent result! This time around, our interior architects dressed up a spacious villa. They departed from a sound and versatile foundation as the rooms are absolutely gorgeous in and of themselves. Still, the villa needed a touch of Charrell to turn it into a warm home. Custom work, the right materials and perfectly fitting furniture make the interior of this project extra personal.

The living room boasts a Robins corner sofa with alternative back cushions. The round finish of the lounge section gives the seat a soft and homey character. Our Angels created a cosy little corner by the window with the round Romy sofa. Thanks to their light fabric, the sofas make for a harmonious match. The Romy sofa is accompanied by a bespoke side table of dark wood. A well-considered contrast.

The dining room seamlessly matches the living room and features a gigantic Empire dining table as its centrepiece. This table creates a perfect space for some cosy dining with the entire family. Executed in warm orange, the Verbier chairs add a pleasant contemporary touch.

This spacious villa is blessed with extra rooms that brought out our Angels’ creative side. One example is a cosy lounge area where guests can be received in style and appetisers enjoyed in full. The unique Nora chaise lounge is accompanied by two gorgeous Kozy seats in a striking yet subtle rusty brown colour. Behind the Nora seat we find a gorgeous bespoke desk that perfectly matches the arched shape of the sofa.

In short, yet another gorgeous project by our experts! Is your interior ready for a makeover? Get in touch with Charrell’s Angels for a complimentary appointment.