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Terms & Conditions Charrell Home Interiors NV

Art. 1: The customer, by a simple order placed by the customer relating to the goods described in the purchase order, undertakes to purchase said goods irrevocably.

Art. 2: The buyer expressly agrees that the seller is always entitled to payment of the goods upfront delivery.

Art. 3: Any refusal by the buyer to accept the goods ordered, for whatever reason, shall result in the buyer owing the seller fixed compensation equal to 30% of the invoiced amount or 100% of the price of the ordered custom piece, in the case of a customised order, without prejudice to the seller’s right to claim the execution of the sale.

Art. 4: Delays in the delivery shall not nullify the purchase and the goods ordered cannot be refused by the buyer for any reason in this case.

Art. 5: Any charge not paid upon delivery of the goods shall result, as of that date and without prior notification of default, in a late-payment interest of 15% per year and fixed compensation due to late payment of 10%, with a minimum of EUR 25.

Art. 6: In cases where the seller’s employee(s) must make more than one trip for a delivery, a fixed amount for the transport costs shall be charged automatically for each subsequent visit.

Art. 7: All complaints must be sent by registered letter. Any complaints relating to the goods purchased and the delivery must be submitted within two days.

Art. 8: We are not responsible for the expansion or cracking of furniture due to humidity or temperature fluctuations. We are also not responsible for discoloration of the upholstery due to exposure to light.

Art. 9: Should the delivery be incomplete, the partial delivery shall still be settled.

Art. 10: The goods purchase remain the property of the seller until payment has been made in full.

Art. 11: The transport and installation of the goods are always at the buyer’s own expense and risk.

Art. 12: Deliveries under difficult conditions, e.g. stairwells that are too narrow or windows that are too small, in short all difficulties that could obstruct a normal delivery, shall be at the buyer’s own expense and risk. If we are forced to park our delivery vehicle on the sidewalk due to circumstances, then all related risks shall be at the customer’s expense.

Art. 13: The goods shall remain at the price they were at on the day of purchase for 14 days and will be stored for free for this same period. This period commences on the day that the buyer requests the delivery of the goods. If the goods have not been collected within 14 days after this request, the seller is entitled to charge supplementary storage costs.

Art. 14: Only the Court of Turnhout in belgium has jurisdiction over any disputes concerning this contract.