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About Charrell

Charrell has long been known by people involved in professional interior decoration. This speciality furniture company has also built up a name and fame over nearly 20 years in the environment of hotels and restaurants. Solid oak furniture, combinations of wood and metal, lighting, decoration pieces... The Charrell collection is an ode to beauty and provides a line of business for the master cabinetmaker.

Charrell initially worked with standard configurations, but then evolved towards customisation. It is thanks to this strategy that wonderful projects can now be realised.

This website simply provides a taste of what is on offer in the world of Charrell.

The concept stores in Geel contain the complete Charrell collection. The brand is supplemented with other unique pieces. In the Charrell concept stores, you can walk through furnished rooms in different themes and you will become immersed in different atmospheres. If you want some advice, you can be assured that you will be assisted by a professional. "Whether it's large or small, we will always provide our advice with equal measure."