Interior projects - Realisations

With a diverse range of possible projects, Charrell goes beyond offering traditional advice.

Do you simply want advice about colour or decorating? Does your home require a complete facelift, yet you wish to retain existing furniture or harmoniously combine existing decorative pieces with new elements? Is there a requirement for bespoke woodworking? Maybe you are planning a renovation in which you allow Charrell to take everything out of your hands. From design to coordination, or following-up on the end result, almost anything is on the table. "Whether someone has a small or large project, we follow everything up with equal care."

Something stunning can bloom from good conversation. At Charrell, we listen intently to your needs and wishes. On the basis of the information you provide to us, the interior designers work out a proposal that can be discussed widely.

Project possibilities for professional or private individuals:

Interior advice, Colour advice, Wall decorations, Interior woodworking, Decorating, Paintwork, Parquet work, General (total) renovation