Project VDDWW

Happiness wrapped in a Charrell interior

Whenever the word “gorgeous” is an understatement, you know that our Angels were involved. In this interior project, our interior architects enriched a neutral foundation with the right materials and creative ideas. The resulting living area is the stuff of dreams...

The uniquely constructed sofa is undoubtedly the centrepiece of this living room. A spacious, comfortable corner sofa upholstered in neutral fabric on one side. And two large pouffes in a warm red-orange colour on the other. These stunners are supplemented with two Felix armchairs and charming coffee tables. A perfect design for a cosy aperitif and some fun conversation. The lush natural daylight acts as the cherry on top.

Our Angels subtly incorporated the same warm red-orange colour into two Verbier bucket seats that compliment the bespoke dining table. A minor detail that makes for a cohesive, soothing composition with just the right energy.

The home was finished with timeless cabinets and tables, colourful decoration and magnificent Atmooz lighting.

Are you totally sold? Do make an appointment with our Angels!