Project VK
Rest on the coast

Many are leaving behind the pressure of (urban) life for peace and quiet by the coast. Catching some fresh air at the beach, cocooning in a sea-view apartment. The residents of this renovated apartment in Knokke hired Charrell’s specialists to create a soothing interior and finish.

Charrell’s Angels aspired a casual interior with just the right accents. Light materials find their perfect counterparts in darker tables and blue accents that creatively bring the sea indoors. A wooden block in between the seats breaks up the large sofa to subtly create a cosy single seat. Two deep blue Glory seats casually separate the seating area from the rest of the living room.

The living room boasts a comfortable wooden May table surrounded by our Ziggo chairs, available in various materials and colours.

Cushions upholstered in playful fabric and a gold-coloured side table by the sofa add just the right liveliness to this soothing composition.

Looking for tranquility? Charrell is happy to help you find it!